TRUST GXT 1110 windowed mid-tower ATX PC Gaming Kasa - 22560

TRUST GXT 1110 windowed mid-tower ATX PC Gaming Kasa - 22560

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    TRU 22560

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Key features

  • Optimized airflow and eye-catching design for any basic to high-end gaming system
  • Large acrylic window providing a captivating view at your custom build
  • Ample cooling potential with space for 5 air cooling fans and DIY/AIO liquid cooling support
  • Full black interior and large PSU/drive cover, for a clean and tidy build that highlights the core components
  • Top surface with large ventilation grate and removable magnetic dust filter
  • Front I/O panel for quick access to USB3.0 port, 2 USB ports, headphones and microphone connection
  • Cable routing compartment with easy side access, for discreet cabling, improved airflow and easy maintenance
  • Including 120mm red-illuminated rear cooling fan
  • 7 PCIe expansion slots, 1 DVD drive bay, up to 5 tool-free disk drive bays

Let the power flow

This case is designed for optimal airflow. The top surface features a large ventilation grate and removable magnetic dust filter. Included is a 120mm illuminated cooling fan with red LED lights. This and four more air cooling fans can be added to optimize the airflow in the case. For a DIY/AIO liquid cooling solution a 120 or 240 mm radiator can be installed. You can now go all-out in your games; your PC will function at full capacity throughout the day!


To be able to connect your peripherals, the front input and output panel features a USB 3.1 port, two USB 2.0 ports and headphone and microphone connection. Inside you will find seven PCIe expansion slots, one DVD drive bay and up to five tool-free disk bays. With so many usability options, you can build and upgrade your own masterpiece endlessly.

Show your components

The PC case is a mid-tower ATX PC case which fits the standard ATX, MicroATX, ITX and Mini-ITX motherboards and comes with a large acrylic window providing a captivating view. Your core components are highlighted and the full black interior and large PSU/drive cover provide that overall clean and tidy look. Also, the special cable routing compartment with easy side access does not only ensure discreet cable management, it improves the airflow and makes sure you can carry out maintenance easily.


Height of main product (in mm) 472 mm
Width of main product (in mm) 206 mm
Depth of main product (in mm) 440 mm
Total weight 5000 g
Headphone connection yes
Microphone connection yes
Side panel Windowed
Cooling fans 3x 120mm, 2x 140 or 120mm
5.25" drive bays 1 external
3.5" drive bays 2 internal
Accessories USB-C charge cable
2.5" drive bays 3 internal
USB 3.1 ports 1
USB 2.0 ports 2
Max height CPU cooler 163 mm
Max length PSU 200 mm
Max length 5.25" drive 170 mm
Compatible Motherboards ATX, MicroATX, ITX, Mini-ITX
Max length GPU 400 mm

Extra information

General Item number:
EAN code:
1   year
Product weight (net):
5000 g
Package contents PC case with 120mm illuminated case fan Motherboard standoffs Fan mounting screws Cable ties User manual Gaming sticker
System requirements PC hardware compatible with ATX form factor